Information presented about Walgett's Chinese gardens and community

This is where the "Chinamen's Gardens" of Walgett were located that supplied fruit and vegetables to the town until the mid 1960s. At this point the walking track is very close to the river and we recommend spending time at this scenic spot.

Tommy Johnsun was the last owner of the Chinamen's Gardens, and provided much information for the interpretive sign that is located here. He participated in the video recording below to share his memories. The Dharriwaa Elders Group wanted to highlight the importance of the Chinamen's Gardens to Walgett's history, and during the research process, uncovered much previously undocumented information about Walgett's Chinese community and their businesses. So this sign presents information about the historic market gardens and also the main Chinese-owned Walgett businesses from the early 20th Century. If you have further information to contribute please contact the Dharriwaa Elders Group as we are well aware that the results of our research so far have only scratched the surface of Walgett's rich cultural history.