Walgett's RO system mothballed

Walgett's Drinking Water Health Threat. Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisations (ACCOs) in Walgett are calling on the NSW Government 

Dry Namoi River 2018 Walgett

This statement is made so that voters can be aware of Dharriwaa Elders Group's policy for water management when they vote Saturday 21 May 2022.

Namoi River Red Gums Walgett

This statement is about the harm caused by NSW Police during the Covid-19 pandemic in Walgett between July 2020 and October 2021.

Walgett High School

STATEMENT 21 March 2022. "NSW Education continues to fail to provide what’s needed for Walgett students to succeed at school.

dry river wiping out food and water security in Walgett 2019

Dharriwaa Elders Group and Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service made a joint submission to the NSW South Wales Parliament's Legislative Assembly Committee

Covid is now in Walgett. We thank everyone for their concern and direct people to our statements: Statement Dharriwaa Elders Group 22 October 2021

child over Walgett

This week Dharriwaa Elders Group made a call to action re the Walgett high school that it had been working on most of February 2021.

A blue coffin for the death of the river was left in the Ngamaay River after a community mourning ceremony and protest was held in Walgett, March 2019.

The NSW Government cannot say they have not been advised of solutions to the crisis brought upon the rivers in the Walgett area.

DEG’s Charlee Sue Frail, Clem Dodd & Bow Simpson at the Council meeting while Lock the Gate activist Sonja Marshall addresses Council.

Tuesday 28 July 2020, Walgett Shire Council was considering the letter DEG had sent to it in October 2019, asking it to exclude all coal seam gas activities from the LGA.

A rare gumbulgaban - (Ardeotis australis Australian Bustard spotted at Gingie

A rare gumbulgaban - (Ardeotis australis Australian Bustard) was spotted at Dharriwaa (Narran Lakes) in October. This may be the same individual we saw 2 weeks ago

partial photo of DEG consultation

DEG holds an ex-officio position on the management committee of the Lightning Ridge Area Opal Mining Reserve. We are working to ensure that the Aboriginal cultural

DEG Elders Councillor Elizabeth Peters announced the closure of the Elders Centre to the general public and visitors, as the organisation responded to the growing threat of Covid19 in March 2020

Dharriwaa Elders Group recognised the dangers of Covid19 early 2020, and by March were producing community education


Dharriwaa Elders Group is RECRUITING.

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Food and Water for Life Project Officer,


The Namoi River at Walgett was allowed to dry for months in 2018 and 2019 – causing a food and water security crisis.

Walgett’s Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisations (“ACCOs”) call for the Commonwealth to establish a National Food and Nutrition Strategy - full media statement

Bohena Bore spill site Pilliga Forest
Dharriwaa Elders Group sent a strong letter to Walgett Shire Council today urging it to reject again, Coal Seam Gas mining and exploration. An excerpt:On behalf of the Board of Directors

DEG and WAMS provide updates on progress improving the quality of Walgett's drinking water, and our work for Walgett's food security.

DEG's Virginia Robinson presents Reko Rennie with Gamilaraay / Yuwaalaraay dictionary
Acclaimed artist Reko Rennie returned to Walgett October 2018 to develop a new project for Dharriwaa Elders Group. DEG was pleased to facilitate some reunions with his Walgett mob

Engineers are welcomed by DEG and introduced to DEG's Walgett water priorities
UNSW Engineering visited Walgett in September, through Dharriwaa Elders Group's Yuwaya Ngarra-li partnership with UNSW. Before they arrived, Dharriwaa Elders Group had prioritised

Virginia Robinson - "This is the truth!"
DEG's Secretary Virginia Robinson signed the organisation's brief submission to the Dept of Agriculture's invitation to comment on the Draft Great Artesian Basin Strategic Management Plan

commUNIty-led development

Check out the latest work of the partnership between DEG and UNSW