Walgett Aboriginial Medical Service CEO Christine Corby OAM speaks to ABC's Rachel Carbonell about her concerns about the impacts of high salt levels on Walgett's chronic disease burden, and the community garden.
DEG is alarmed about the impacts on Walgett's wellbeing from the mismanagement of water in the Murray Darling Basin. Through our Yuwaya Ngarra-li partnership with University of NSW, we have sourced experts to inform the Walgett community about the state of our drinking water, and why the high salt levels in our water supply are concerning. We urge water decision-makers to start prioritising health and wellbeing and sustainable industries for thriving futures for communities in western NSW. We are now working with our partners to find community-led policy and engineering solutions for our town. Those who wish to support our work are encouraged to contact our project management team. Stay tuned. Thank you ABC and Rachel Carbonell for helping us to have a voice.