A CSG polluted spill site in Pilliga Forest
Dharriwaa Elders Group sent a strong letter to Walgett Shire Council today urging it to reject again, Coal Seam Gas mining and exploration. An excerpt:On behalf of the Board of Directors (“The Elders Council”) of the Dharriwaa Elders Group (DEG) I am writing to request that you pass a resolution in your next Council meeting that "Walgett Shire Council rejects, and will use all means at its disposal to prevent the exploration and development of Coal Seam Gas (CSG) within the Walgett Shire". We are informed that Council can prohibit vehicles from accessing roads, and has other ways to prevent this industry entering the Shire. We look to you, in your role of local government leaders, to take this important initiative on behalf of all residents and species within your custodianship.

Dharriwaa Elders Group is deeply concerned about the possible impacts of CSG mining and its associated activities on the environment including surface and ground waters; on public health for the region and on the world's climate.

Other Councils, including Walgett Shire Council in 2011, have passed motions outlining their concerns regarding coal seam gas exploration and mining in the past , but we urge Walgett Shire Council to renew its opposition now in as strong a language as possible.