DEG staff Vanessa Hickey and Robyn Morgan with DEG member Bow Simpson decided to publish this image on DEG’s Facebook to promote safe Covid19 greetings.

Dharriwaa Elders Group recognised the dangers of Covid19 early 2020, and by March were producing community education messaging, and advocating community needs & concerns to the Local Emergency Management Committee, and with its Yuwaya Ngarrali partners, providing information and written advice to the School Reference Group and justice agencies. Hunger reports inspired fresh food appeals and deliveries to Elders, and advocacy with WAMS to provide food to other vulnerable community members. With our YN partners we provided an account to Croakey - "Walgett community unites to tackle pandemic food shortages". DEG is working with WAMS & YN to document Walgett’s responses to recent crises and plan for future emergency preparedness.