image by DEG's Vanessa Hickey
Dharriwaa Elders Group has established a fundraising appeal so that we can order food and groceries including drinking water and distribute them to

DEG's Secretary Virginia Robinson, WAMS Chair Bill Kennedy, WAMS CEO Christine Corby OAM, DEG Lewis Beale, DEG's Speaker Clem Dodd, and Acting General Manager Walgett Shire Council Paul Mann.
Dharriwaa Elders Group invited Walgett's ACCOs (Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisations) to meet the newly arrived Acting General Manager of Walgett Shire Council,

Walgett Youth Justice Forum
Read here about the Walgett Youth Justice Forum held 14, 15 March 2018.
Stay tuned for reports on DEG's work with Yuwaya Ngarrali re our ACTIONs leading from the Forum.
Stewart Taylor & Virginia Robinson mapping her use of the rivers over her lifetime
Some may remember the Cultural Use and Occupancy Mapping project Dharriwaa Elders Group (DEG) invited those who use the river regularly, to take part in.

community-led development

Dharriwaa Elders Group (DEG) will not support Walgett Social and Emotional Wellbeing projects that have been developed by external agencies without DEG.

Pro Bono Partnership Award winners – Dharriwaa Elders Group and ALS Moree with Gilbert + Tobin — at Parliament of NSW

DEG's Speaker Clem Dodd, Secretary Virginia Robinson and Project Manager Wendy Spencer travelled to Sydney to attend the NSW Law and Justice Foundation's NSW Justice Awards dinner

native vegetation clearing near Walgett
Dharriwaa Elders Group ("DEG") sent urgent appeals 17 August 2017 to the NSW Premier and NSW Minister for the Environment to defer the new land clearing laws,

News breaks at DEG of NSW Govt. response to Stolen Generation Reparations Inquiry recommendations

DEG Elders started receiving phone calls in the morning of 2 December 2016 from excited Elders who had heard news reports of a NSW Government response to the need for reparations for NSW Stolen Generations.

DEG Elders discuss usefulness of UAV photo surveys

Dharriwaa Elders Group members considered results of test aerial photo surveys undertaken near Walgett by supporters from ProUAV combined with DEG's own ground survey efforts.

NSW EDO conducted workshop with DEG

NSW Environmental Defenders Office has been supporting Dharriwaa Elders Group to manage Aboriginal Cultural Heritage values around Walgett.

DEG's Virginia Robinson with the high school section winning entry by Trudy Sharpley

DEG judged the entries in its Aboriginal Language sections of the 2016 Walgett Show for Infants, Primary and High Schools in May.

David Tribe presents Clem Dodd with materials for DEG's collection.

David Tribe, a school teacher in Walgett in the late 1950s, early 1960s, visited Walgett in May 2016.

While he was here he met with some of his students, who are now members of Dharriwaa Elders Group.

Alison Williams considering items for inclusion in the ACHAA exhibition to be held in Deniliquin in October 2016.

Curator Alison Williams visited DEG the week of the 11 April, to survey and discuss DEG's contribution to the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and Arts Association ("ACHAA") exhibition

Stewart Taylor assists DEG's Bill Simpson to map his lifetime on country.

During the week beginning 11 April 2016, DEG hosted and promoted the Northern Basin Aboriginal Nations in Walgett to undertake a Cultural Use and Occupancy Mapping project.

WAMS celebrates 30 years of service

Dharriwaa Elders Group's Secretary Virginia Robinson made an important speech to the community on Wednesday 13 April 2016.

DEG's Kathy Sullivan, Kim Sullivan, Elizabeth Peters, Lola Murray with Orana Haven's Norm Henderson 7 April 2016

A Dharriwaa Elders Group party visited Orana Haven rehabilitation service near Brewarrina, 7 April 2016, as part of our research for developing a Social and Emotional Wellbeing Plan for Walgett - ie the "Moving Forwards to Healthier Communities" Framework. There we met with Manager Norm Henderson and learnt about the needs of Aboriginal people when they are learning new ways of living, away from their communities and substance abuse. We were very impressed with their set up now and affirmed in DEG's growing view that a purpose-built detox unit is needed for Walgett Hospital, and of the increasing need for rehabilitation facilities generally, especially for Aboriginal youth and women, near Walgett. Our belief in the need for further support services for clients after they leave rehab, and for their families, was also confirmed. 

Some witnesses and NSW Committee members take a photo break from the Inquiry Hearings. Walgett 18 February 2016.

The NSW Parliament General Purpose Standing Committee No. 3 visited Walgett 18 February 2016 to conduct a hearing for its Inquiry into reparations for the Stolen Generations of NSW.

DEG's Kim Sullivan collected 43 names of Walgett Stolen during preparations held 16/2/16 for Inquiry Hearings

DEG gathered Elders the day before, to prepare for giving evidence at the 17/2/16 Walgett hearing of the NSW Legislative Committee's Inquiry into Reparations for the Stolen Generations of NSW.

Jo Birtus and Jen Philips at Leewood, Pilliga Forest, with DEG Chairperson Clem Dodd shortly after the women released by police

DEG's Chairperson Clem Dodd with staff Wendy Spencer and Kim Sullivan visited protestors at Santos's construction site of a water processing plant for Coal Seam Gas mining waste water, at Leewood near Narrabri, 5 February 2016. Walgett Elders had expressed growing concern after hearing radio reports the day before about women Elders being rough-handled there by police, and wanted to visit the protestors to offer moral support. Once it came to leaving Walgett that morning, the numbers wanting to travel had reduced, but Clem, Wendy and Kim decided to go anyway, investigate the situation and report back to the others.

The DEG crew arrived at around 12.30pm and found a small group of men and women waiting at the entrance gate to Leewood, after police had entered the property two hours previously. Two brave women - Jo Birtus and Jen Philips, had chained themselves inside the property in the early hours of the morning. We couldn't see them as a ring of Santos vehicles circled the women some 500m away from the gate, blocking our view of them. We just hoped they were safe. We unpacked the food we brought and shared it around. After a quick bite and yarn, Santos vehicles and a police paddy wagon left the property travelling towards Narrabri. The women waved their fingers out the air vents in the paddy waggon, as they passed us on the road, to let us know they were inside. We all gave them a cheer so they knew we were supporting them. We then packed up our car, said our goodbyes and headed back to Walgett via Narrabri, where we planned to call in at the police station to check the women were OK - as we assumed they had been arrested. As we drove to the nearby highway, we saw that the women had been released. We parked and introduced ourselves. The women said they had decided to release themselves after giving a short talk and being chained there for around 4 hours in non-violent protest.

Some of the DEG Members at their AGM 16 December 2015

DEG held its Annual General Meeting 16 December 2015, when the members endorsed the Annual Report for the organisation,