Yuwaya Ngarra-li – ‘Vision’.CLD Centre Align

"The Dharriwaa Elders will lead a collaboration with UNSW and other supporters to grow our individual and community strengths and assets. We aim to restore a robust belonging to thriving families, community and country, while making our place in the nation and sharing our learning with other communities". Dharriwaa Elders Group, Walgett.

The purpose of Yuwaya Ngarra-li is for the Dharriwaa Elders Group (DEG) and UNSW to work in partnership to improve the wellbeing, social, built and physical environment and life pathways of Aboriginal people in Walgett through collaborating on evidence-based programs, research projects and capacity building, and to evaluate this model of CommUNIty-Led Development as a way of working with other Aboriginal communities.

Yuwaya Ngarra-li is an initiative that will promote two-way learning between Walgett's Dharriwaa Elders Group and a range of UNSW faculties, with long term academic leadership by Professor Eileen Baldry and keenly supported by Vice-Chancellor Ian Jacobs

Warning: Images of deceased persons may appear. Yuwaalaraay / Gamilaraay pronunciation guide.

Yuwaya Ngarrali discussions with UNSW Global Water Initiative. Groundwater & rivers are special and in need of protecting in the Walgett area.

On the 29th August 2017 Yuwaya Ngarra-li's Dr Ruth McCausland and Wendy Spencer met with Dr Martin Andersen, Director of the UNSW Connected Waters Institute and Dr Cameron Holley of the Faculty of Law to learn more about how they could work together. Explored were opportunities for citizen science / monitoring employment in Walgett, community education regarding environmental policing, shared research efforts regarding special groundwaters in the Walgett areas, future work to understand and protect water resources and water security. Many fruitful avenues for collaboration were discussed.